1- Why an action plan?

    With its Montréal Youth Strategy 2013-2017, the municipal administration brought its focus to bear on youth mobilization and citizen engagement through efforts to foster greater youth involvement in local projects and ensure that youth are better informed about and engaged in their neighbourhoods and communities. While the Montréal Youth Strategy 2013-2017 was geared to youth aged 12 to 30, the current Action Plan is aimed at the 18 to 30 age demographic. The Action Plan takes concrete action with youth aged 18 to 30 and continues to support significant initiatives for youth, notably in connection with citizen engagement, inclusion, and preparation for the job market.

    2 – What are the key points to remember in the Action Plan for Youth 2018-2020?

    In 2016, youth aged 18 to 30 accounted for more than 19% of Montréal’s population, or 312,050 citizens. Young people are important actors in our society, and their skills and initiatives are a source of collective wealth. The municipal administration aims to ensure that all young people are able to realize their life projects and fulfill their potential. The values underpinning our social development policy, which serves as the frame of reference for our Action Plan for Youth, are respect, dignity, equality, fairness and solidarity.

    The actions proposed under the plan revolve around four orientations: Neighbourhood planning and development, which places the emphasis on the housing supply and access to culture; diversity and inclusion, aimed at developing actions in connection with transportation and the fight against exclusion and discrimination; citizen participation,  which proposes to consult and involve young adults in issues of concern to them; training, social and professional integration, which advances initiatives meant to stimulate youth entrepreneurship and offer young adults opportunities to acquire professional experience. The municipal administration has thus put forward 12 objectives and 32 action strategies.