Montréal's Final Application

about 1 year ago

Blog of March 5

It’s with a lot of pride and enthusiasm that the City of Montréal submits its Final Application for the Smart Cities Challenge!

After what felt like running a marathon at sprint speed, we are convinced that we have arrived at an audacious and solid proposal, where projects mutually nourish each other and where partners support one another through their actions. The proposal rests on several key elements: Efforts in engagement and mobilization that aim to constantly integrate citizen expertise in our projects; a collaborative governance model that proposes new tools to incorporate and formalize citizen input; and approach for measuring impact that gathers and learns from citizen perceptions in order to measure results for continuous adaptation.

The spectrum of our approach is supported by responsible data practices that feed decision-making processes and interactions with citizens and key stakeholders. Our efforts are also supported by innovative technologies that propose new services and explore new roles for government and civil society. Finally, for the deployment of our projects, we have established an operational framework for managing projects and financial resources, which has been designed to be flexible and adapted to our approach of experimentation.

All of these components are in service of addressing the key issues identified by the Montreal community, which are mobility and access to food in neighbourhoods. Solutions targeting integrated mobility, as well as mobility at the neighbourhood-level, are planned to deliver an efficient travel experience while reducing the use of single occupancy vehicle in the greater Montréal region. Furthermore, projects regarding access to food seek to offer more healthy and local foods for vulnerable populations. In our eyes, addressing issues in mobility and access to food are the two complementary facets for improving citizens’ quality of life.

We wish to thank the numerous partners who have ardently contributed towards this proposal. Through their deep and unfailing commitment, we are proud to share this ambitious project with you.

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