Why is this consultation being held?

    In Montréal, our cars have well-documented impacts. They take up a lot of space on our streets, create traffic jams and emit large quantities of greenhouse gases (GHG).

    As Montréal needs to recover urban space to improve mobility for people and must find ways to reduce our sources of pollution as quickly as possible, both from a technical angle and psychologically. The results of this process will help us orient solutions towards sustainable mobility.

    We’re interested in your experience, and there are no right or wrong answers!

    What is sustainable mobility?

    Mobility is the ability for people to travel and items to be transported. Without mobility, there would be no social, economic or cultural exchanges between individuals, businesses and societies.

    To be sustainable, mobility must be efficient, safe and fair for everyone. It must be integrated into different neighbourhoods and not be harmful to human health. In short, sustainable mobility:

    • Limits space and resource consumption (construction materials, oil, money)

    • Facilitates people’s access to their activities

    • Promotes the city’s economic vitality

    • Is socially responsible to the entire Montréal population, including those less fortunate

    • Is respectful of the environment

    What is the Poly Mobility Chair?

    The Mobility Chair, which is directed by Prof. Catherine Morency, professor in the civil, geological and mine engineering department, aims to be an ideal place for research, experimentation and methodological development to support the evaluation of the contributions of projects, policies and transportation plans to sustainable development.

    https://www.polymtl.ca/mobilite/  (in French)