Invitation to attend a citizen matinee meant to spark further reflection on Avenue McGill College’s new vocation

8 months ago

Montréal’s downtown is undergoing a profound transformation!

Within this context, the municipal administration is rethinking its downtown core, including the prestigious Avenue McGill College. One of the steps in this process consists of defining the positioning of this space, that’s to say the role it should play, specifically in regards to the services it will offer and the activities it will host.

Local and international experts across a variety of disciplines are cordially invited to weigh in on this issue over a period of two days, notably on February 28th and March 1st, 2019.

Residents will then be invited to a matinee public consultation regarding the future vocation of Avenue McGill College, to be held Saturday, March 2nd. Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante will attend part of the event.

The recommendations arising from this exercise will be integrated into the development program that will be drafted in the spring of 2019. The program will act as a guide for participants in the design competition, which will be held in the summer of 2019.

The municipal administration has mandated NewCities, an international organization dedicated to improving urban life, to oversee this exercise.

Click here to participate in the citizen matinee.

A light lunch will be served after the event. In addition, a childcare service will be made available free of charge (registration required).

For complete details on the event, please contact the NewCities team at the following address: