Summary of the Crowley planning survey results

A survey on the Crowley area was launched on the Making MTL website and conducted between September 24 and November 27, 2020. In total, 40 people responded to the survey. Almost all of the respondents were residents of the area.

Although the main recognized characteristics of this sector are the Vendôme intermodal station and the MUHC, community belonging stands out to residents, with 50% in the choice of answers.

The issue of making active transportation safe, the limited offering of shops and local services, and parking problems were mentioned by residents. The improvements that should be made are an increase in the variety of shops and services, more safety in getting around the area, and the addition of greenery.

Regarding innovative parking solutions, the implementation of a policy of on-street parking reserved for residents was widely favoured, followed by the pooling of indoor parking spaces and an increase in the number of parking spaces for car-sharing.

Regarding the acceptability of social, family and affordable housing developments, residents were mostly in favour, with more than 50% of respondents agreeing or somewhat agreeing.

Finally, the development of a shared street, the establishment of biodiversity corridors, and the enhancement of the Saint-Jacques Escarpment are ideas that were well received.

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