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Results of the vote!

The borough is pleased to announce the results of LaSalle's second participatory budget vote, which took place October 4-30, 2022. The residents had to choose their four favourite projects from among the nine presented. After distribution of the 558 valid votes, four projects may be carried out within the $150,000 budget available:

Thank you for your participation!

1. Winter recreational activities (51.61% support)

Borrow winter sports gear.

  • Kiosk or room for sports gear
  • Initiations and demonstrations by professionals

Location: Borough Hall park, 55 avenue Dupras

Budget: $8,000

2. Neighbours' garden (45.16% support)

Create a collective, lively, unifying garden for people in the neighbourhood.

  • Bins, water system, lighting, waste management
  • Horticulture workshop and educational activities
  • Tool storage
  • Tables and furniture

Location: Parc Ménard, 9640 rue Clément

Budget: $25,000

3. Introduction to snowboarding and downhill skiing (44.62% support)

Development of a mini snow park

  • Initiation modules
  • Loan of equipment
  • Illumination and coloured lighting for a festive atmosphere
  • Furniture (chairs or benches)

Location: Borough Hall park, 55 avenue Dupras

Budget: $30,000

4. Adventure trail for young children (44.4% support)

Develop motor skills in children ages 3-7.

  • Urban hebertism modules and course

Location: Parc Leroux (corner of rue Centrale and avenue Lacharité)

Budget: $60,000

These projects total $123,000 out of an overall available budget of $150,000. The remaining $27,000 will be used to improve the projects, as needed, in addition to allowing for possible cost adjustments and, above all, the substantial inflation of materials and work, while the four projects are being carried out.

Implementation of the projects by the borough and follow-up on their progress will be spread out over a two-year period.

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